Offering six different tub styles, manufactured in cultured marble, granite, or onyx with an optional step and WHIRLPOOL system, you’ll enjoy many years of comfort and relaxation.

With our bathtub surround panels installed, the need for grout lines, long hours of cleaning and the possibility of water leakage causing expensive damage is eliminated.

Bathtub Surround Packages are custom made to fit any size of bathtub. The panels are 3/8” thick and include corner trim pieces, end mouldings and a soap/shampoo caddy. As the panels are quoted on the square footage, customers decide the height of their panels. Do they go right to the ceiling or stop 6’ up the wall? Shower ceiling panels are also a nice option and can easily be added for a nice design finish.

Bathtub Surround Packages can be made in marble, granite or onyx. As pricing is based on standard panels, there is a surcharge for irregular surrounds.

A high quality gel coat is applied during manufacture resulting in a smooth hi-gloss finish bringing out the best visual elements of your design and protecting your investment.
With proper care and maintenance, your custom design will never lose it’s elegance and prestige.

Optional bathtub steps, decks and skirting panels of the same or complementry color design can be produced to make your new custom renovation unique and complete.


With 9 different bowl styles, our manufacturing process can create a unique variety of vanity top and sink combinations to compliment your custom bathroom renovations.