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Cultured Marble Products

As a division of improVisions, our marbleVisions team manufactures custom cultured marble, granite and onyx bathroom products.

Cultured stone is an affordable alternative that offers the feel and prestige of natural stone. We make a variety of bathtubs (soaker or jetted), shower bases, bath/shower panels and vanity tops. Our attention to detail begins with assisting customers in choosing from our vast range of colours and styles.

Features & Benefits of Cultured Products

There are many advantages to investing in our cultured products.

  • The obvious beauty and warmth created by colour coordinating components, such as a base or tub together with panels and a vanity top, creates a rich full effect.
  • The easy cleaning and care of our products will certainly make your life easier.
  • The wide variety of colours and styles offered will please all tastes. Our custom products are custom made to fit your vision of the room you want to create.
  • improVisions produces all products here in Edmonton. This gives you quick service and you can be assured that we are here to answer any questions or solve any concerns you may have.
The Cultured Product Advantage
  • Clean finish, high gloss
  • Sanitary and easy to clean
  • Impervious to water
  • Stain resistant
  • Custom made to fit your needs
Clear Finish – High Gloss
Sanitary and Easy to Clean
Impervious to Water
Stain Resistant
Custom Made to Fit Your Needs

Cultured Marble

Our flagship line, can be made in solid colours, solid colours with contrast veining or colours blended together.

This is a blend of calcium carbonate and resin which can be coloured and contrast with a protective gel coating.

Cultured Marble can be coloured with blended tones or streaked tones, which gives depth and variance to the surfaces.


Streaked tones start with a base and the highlight colour(s) are added in and spread by hand for a unique and natural look.

White + Sea Spray


Blended tones use 2 complementing colours in relatively equal parts (depending on the depth desired) and the tones are blended together, resulting in a layered appearance.

Bone and Mocha Blend

Cultured Granite

Our elite line comes in a wide variety of colours, all duplicating the look of real granite. Simply beautiful!


A blend of stone and mineral chips mixed with resin and protected by a long lasting gel coat.


Cultured Onyx

This product is slightly translucent, creating an illusion of depth. The background is a constant champagne colour and the colour of the veining is the customer’s choice.


Made with a blend of alumina trihydrate and desired colours and streaks to give the product a translucent appearance with a protective gel coating.

Fawn Beige Onyx

Product Warranty
Low Maintenance


Custom Sizes and Layouts Available

With 9 different bowl styles, our marbleVisions manufacturing process can create a unique variety of vanity top and sink combinations to compliment your custom bathroom renovations.


Standard and Custom Sizes Available

Whether it is a standard size or custom, our shower bases and panels will provide an easy to clean, no-grout surface for a beautiful long lasting shower.


Standard Soaker or Jetted Tubs

A high quality tub in a variety of sizes made by our marbleVisions team, with the option of installing jets. Bask in this luxurious, easy to maintain product that is coloured to your taste.

Other Services and Products


Wheelchair Accessible Showers and Walk-In Bathtubs

From wheelchair accessible showers with ramps, to walk-in safety baths, you will find an accessible product to suit your needs.


Bathrooms and More

improVisions Inc. offers full renovation services.  Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or replacing a deck, the improVisions renovation team will work closely with you on your project.


Glass Doors For Any Shower

The finishing touch for your new bathroom, glass shower doors come in standard or custom sizing.


Versatility for Assisted Living and Commercial Applications

Commercial applications can be customized to suit your needs. We can create solutions designed to match your business, from counter spaces, reception areas, work spaces, or seamless panels.