Do It Yourself

Wether you are a contractor or a Do It Yourself renovator, this page contains resources to help you measure and install our product.

If you just aren’t sure, don’t worry: we’ve got the experts to do it for you! Simply give us call to book your estimate: CLICK HERE

Shower Base Measuring

Shower Base Installation

measure & install 007
measure & install 004
measure & install 005
measure & install 006
measure & install 002
measure & install 003
measure & install 001
Sink - Delaware
Sink - Small Wave Bowl
Sink - Oval Laguna Bowl Series N
Sink - Rectangular Super Bowl MR
Sink - Shell Hi Lo Bowl Series W
Sink - Oval Malibu Bowl Series CC
Sink - Shell Mai-Tai Bowl Series I
Sink - Rectangular Super Bowl RR
Sink - Hexagon Bowl
Vanity Options
Sink - Rectangular Drop In Basin
Shower - Drain Slope
Shower - Caddy Option
Shower - Universal Pan
Shower - Universal Threshold
Shower Pan - 36X36 Neo Angle Shower
Shower Pan - 32X32 Single or Double Entry
Shower Pan - 36X48 Threshold On All Sides
Shower Pan - 36X36 Single or Double Entry
Shower Pan - 42X42 Neo Anlge
Shower Pan - 42X36 Single Entry
Shower Pan - 38X38 Neo Angle
Shower - Trim Pieces
Shower Pan - 42X48 Single Entry
Shower Pan - 42x42 Single Entry
Shower - Panel Package
Shower - Panel Measure Drawing
Shower - Universal Pan with Wheelchair Ramp Access
Shower Pan - Tub-Shower Conversion
Bathtub - Oval : Corner Mark 17
Bathtub - Rectangular Mark 9
Bathtub - Rectangular Mark 8
Bathtub - Oval : Corner Mark 15
Bathtub - Oval : Corner Mark 26
Bathtub - Rectangular Mark 36
Bathtub Standart Tub Package
Bathtub Step
Bathtub Curbed Step
Bathtub Panel Measure

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