1.What is the average time frame from start to finish?

An average bathroom renovation will take 1-2 weeks to complete depending on how extensive the renovation is.

Custom glass doors take a couple of weeks to supply after the renovation.

Be aware that every renovation is unique and offers its own challenges and possible delays after the demolition stage.

2.How long will my new bathroom, shower or counter last?

We supply a “Product Care” document and by following the tips on this document your cultured marble or granite product will give you a lifetime of service.

3.How does this product compare to tile?

Unlike tile, our solid one-piece panels have no grout, which is porous and susceptible to cracking, so moisture will not penetrate our panels and cause damage to your home.

Since there is no grout, our marble or granite showers are easy to clean.

Our product is available in an array of colours and patterns.

4.What are the customization options?

Thanks to our custom sizing your shower can be made virtually any size.

Each product is also made to order, giving you the choice of style, colour, and fixture location.

5.How is the marbleVisions Cultured Marble made?

All of our products are made right here in the Edmonton area. It is a man-made product of polyester resin, crushed stone fill and colour.

6.Is this type of product easily scratched, dented or cracked?

With proper care, cultured marble and granite are highly resistant to cracks and dents.

Since our products have a high gloss finish, scratches can be visible so following our care tips is recommended.

Our products can be buffed post installation.

7.Is the floor base slippery?

All of our shower bases have a non-slip, textured finish for your safety.

8.I need a wheelchair friendly product, will this be for me?

Marblevisions offers a wheelchair accessible ramp to go along with our custom sized bases.

9.What if I can't find the perfect colour, can you make custom blends?

We offer a wide range of colours, but if you want something special, we can easily work with you to complete your vision.

10.How does Marblevisions Cultured Products prevent water and mould damage?

Our showers are made with solid one piece panels which are non-porous to eliminate water leakage and water damage.

We use the best mildew resistant silicone sealers available, so that with the proper care your shower will give you years of worry free service.

11.Is this type of product easy to clean?

The showers provided by Marblevisions are very easy to clean and dry. All you need is a non-grit household cleaner, like “Mr Clean,” and a soft cloth or sponge.


:marblevisions: Care Sheet

Open (web version) Download (PDF)

Silicone Care Instructions

Open (web version) Download (PDF)

Steam Shower Information Sheet

Open (web version) Download (PDF)

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:MarbleVisions: Care Sheet

How to care for your cultured marble onyx or granite products.

Do NOT use plumbers putty when installing drains in vanity tops, tubs and shower bases. Use ONLY silicone when installing drains.

REGULAR CLEANING: Always clean with a non-abrasive cleaner such as Mr. Clean or a foam or gel cleaner. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean.
To remove a build-up of residue, use a product called SCUMBUSTER. Wiping your shower and tub walls with a squeegee or a towel after each use keeps them spotless and will make your weekly cleaning much easier.

SHOWER FLOORS with a pebble finish can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft-bristled (nylon) brush.

WHIRLPOOL TUBS water lines can be cleaned periodically with a water and vinegar solution by filling your tub and running your jets. The eyeball of the jets can be removed by simply turning them counter-clockwise and removing them. This will allow for extensive cleaning.

POLISHING every few months with GEL GLOSS helps maintain a lustrous finish and makes regular cleaning even easier.

MINOR SURFACE SCRATCHES can be removed using a soft cloth and a polishing compound like MIRROR GLAZE. Use the finest grit compound available.
If more serious chips or scratches occur, it MAY be repaired, sanded and buffed by a professional refinisher.

PREVENTING DAMAGE TO YOUR CULTURED PRODUCTS do not use strong chemicals such as bleach or ammonia to clean. Chemicals such as paint removers, drain cleaners, nail polish removers, hair colours can damage the surface. Of spills occur, flush the surface with soapy water immediately and clean as usual.
To prevent minor scratches do not permit heavy or pointed objects to strike the surface. Do not drag objects across the surface.

CAUTION Flat Irons / Curling Irons will burn the surface if left on vanity for an extended period.

HOT WATER avoid rapid temperature changes when using your tub or vanity top. Avoid excessive high temperatures when using your cultured products. Always use a MIXTURE of hot and cold water when using your tub or vanity top.

FOLLOWING these few guidelines will give you years of trouble free use form your cultured product.



Silicone Care Sheet

Silicone care for your :MarbleVisions: products:

In order to prolong the life of the silicone seams, we recommend the following care techniques:

To eliminate staining and soap scum buildup after use, remove the excess water from the panels by towel drying or squeeging and patting dry the silicone seams.

When cleaning the silicone seams, a wet cloth is recommended using a non-abrasive cleaning product. Using a cloth that is too dry creates more friction which in turn can cause a breakdown of the silicone seal. It is normal for a little bit of flaking to occur. DO NOT scratch off…the flaking will fall off on its own.

Never clean your silicone seam with a toothbrush or any other type of scrub brush as this will cause a breakdown of the seam.



Steam Shower Information Sheet

This information has been developed to provide our customers with additional information on how cultured marble, granite or onyx is used for Steam Showers.

The installation process for steam showers is slightly different than our shower panel installation. Due to the extreme heat in a steam shower which causes expansion and contraction of the panels, we recommend panels be adhered to 1/2 inch plywood instead of drywall. The plywood walls also offer sufficient backing should you need to install grab bars at a later date.